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            The company is located in the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta Region - Jiangyin city. Specializing in the production and operation of Bo series of copper alloy materials and various types of resistance welding machine parts.

    Lei Bo series of copper alloy materials in strict accordance with JB/T4281-1999 standards and ISO5182-1999 (E) international standards for customer supply. Chromium copper, chromium zirconium copper, beryllium copper, beryllium copper high cobalt, copper, copper, rare earth alumina silicon nickel copper, beryllium copper nickel, tungsten copper and copper alloy material, high strength, high conductivity and high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti deformation ability, the products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, railway transportation, car and home appliances, mold, barrel, metal products and other industries.

    According to the customer industry requirements, according to the company's chart to buy different kinds of materials and accessories, can be processed in different shapes, sizes of materials or customized drawings.


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