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    One Of the China Set Up The First Professional Foreign Design Company

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    Briefly describe the requirements of the specific operation of the production process of copper tape flexible connection


    If you want to do the work with copper tape flexible connection, then we should know how it behaves. In addition, we should also have a good grasp of his operational requirements during the operation If there are any errors, we should deal with them in time. If not, this may exacerbate the severity...

    How to adjust the machine of spot welder?


    1、The pneumatic spot welder should first adjust the position of the electrode rod during the welding process so that the electrode arms remain parallel to each other when the electrode is pressed on the welded parts.2、The number of current adjustment switches can be selected according to the...

    Competition for new energy vehicles in China has just begun


    In September 7th, the two day "new energy vehicle technology forum 2017" was held in Kunshan Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou. During the forum, a total of more than 20 authoritative guests at home and abroad around the new energy automotive policy, marke...

    China has discovered the breakthrough of super metal aviatio


    The single crystal blade in aero engine is the most critical part of the aviation products, which is the most important part of the aviation products, which determines the performance of the aero-engine directly. A 1000 kg thrust engine center, the co...

    Copper zinc nickel and other metal appliance prospects can b


    SMM news: China from export oriented economic restructuring consumer economy, demand for base metals tumbled, so the raw material prices continued to fall. But the crisis is a turning point, some analysts believe that China's middle class increased, t...

    10 hours "express" lead copper ingot "return


    At 4:31 on September 5th, there were 33427 freight trains arriving at KunMing West Railway Station at Yunnan copper Limited by Share Ltd, with 6 cars and 12 boxes of copper ingots. The station staff immediately organized the spot operation, 6 is speci...

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