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    How to adjust the machine of spot welder?

    1、The pneumatic spot welder should first adjust the position of the electrode rod during the welding process so that the electrode arms remain parallel to each other when the electrode is pressed on the welded parts. 

    2、The number of current adjustment switches can be selected according to the thickness and material of the welded parts. After turning on the power supply, the power indicator should be on. By adjusting the spring pressure nut you can adjust the electrode pressure and change the degree of compression.

    3. After finishing the above adjustments, you can turn on the cooling water and then turn on the power supply to prepare for the welding process: place the weld piece between the two electrodes, press down the foot pedal, the upper electrode enters into contact with the weld piece and pressurizes When the pedal is pressed continuously, the power contact switch opens and the transformer starts to work. The secondary circuit is energized to heat the solder. When the pedal is released after a certain time of welding, the electrode rises and the power supply is turned off by the tension of the spring to return to the original state, and the single point welding process ends.

    4. Weld preparation and assembly: Before welding, it is necessary to remove all dirt, oil, scale and rust from the steel weldment, for hot rolled steel, the welding is first pickled, sandblasted or removed with an abrasive wheel, without cleaning although the weldment can be spot welded, seriously reduces the service life of the electrode, while reducing the productivity and quality of spot welding. For thin-coated medium and low carbon steel, can be directly welded.

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